Pogo 12.50 Spain

Sailing fast. Without giving up comfort is possible: Pogo 12.50 in Spain.

A Completely Different Sailing Machine

POGO 12.50 in Spain

VELOX is a Fast and New Pogo 12.50 in Spain.

Built at the prestigious Shipyard Pogo Structures in France, VELOX is equipped for Offshore & Ocean sailing. Enjoy it Racing or during your Holidays.

Main Sail: Surface 63,14 m2
Solent: Surface 43,31 m2
Stay Sail: Surface 26,50 m2
Spi A1: Surface 108 m2
Spi A2: Surface 198 m2
Spi A5: Surface 128 m2

Speed, Safety and Comfort


At Ocean, more than any other place, adaptation is required

Especially to wind and sea conditions, which well handled let you reach your destination. This is an art by itself, and there are probably infinite ways to carry out, but we believed in this one:


Speed at Sea lets you be more master about your destiny. Thanks to the speed you can take more advantage of weather conditions getting a better position in a given weather system. This simply fact is a Safety Feature, because you can escape adverse weather systems, choose the best sailing area for boat and crew and moreover Reach Refuge Faster.

Speed is also Fun. Gliding or surfing at more than 15 knots, only powered by wind, is an indescribable feeling. You pass to sail with the hull into the water to be over the water. That imply that instead of be rolled by the waves, one start to fully enjoy waves. Surfing is easy and safe because you sail with the wave or in a very similar speed, instead of just be reached and pushed with uncomfortable rolling. Safety and Fun of VELOX Speed, is Something Achievable by Everybody.


VELOX is an Ocean Category Sailing Yacht in accordance with the Norm ISO 12217, being certified as Unsinkable. There are 2 watertight crash compartments, situated at transom and bow, and a real watertight door to access the cabin.

A generous 4.5 metres beam with a 3 metres draft confers a Superb Stability, resulting in a fast powerful boat which sails solidly with great course stability instead of rolling and yawing. The soft and quick response of the helms, a perfect centered weights, stiffness and hull design, light and powerful carbon rig, let sail under absolute control and that means still having fun, even in rough weather and under autopilot.

The variable draft from 3 metres, Powerful Sailing Performance Guarantee, to 1.20 metres, let the access to shallow areas where simply other boats can’t get into. As a result, more refugee possibilities exist with a bigger independence from tides. Of course, a variable draft expands the anchorage options and also the exploring and sailing areas, without refuse to a huge sailing performance.


12.50 metres length x 4.50 metres wide confer an Interior Habitability only found in much bigger boats.

VELOX is spacious, light and very cosy. Offering 3 double cabins plus all the amenities to spend long periods aboard, especially sailing.

Of Course, is a pleasure anchor in beautiful, calm and non crowded places. Enjoy the huge and cleared cockpit, a real access to sea without obstacles, because there is no backstay, no rigging gear, even not ropes hindering the pace. Enjoy cooking, get relax at the salon, drink a refreshing cocktail, share the moment with friends, these are pleasures included in the experience. But the true difference regarding comfort is felt sailing; hull shape stability, winch handling and manoeuvres are done in a natural and safe upright posture, without the need to kneel, get inclined or have half body overboard. Ergonomic seats with backrests in a large, clear and protected cockpit where enjoy surfing at 20 knots and also in calm anchorage. Comfort is not have to run the engine in light wind conditions and have fun sailing calm seas at the same speed as the wind. Have a clear interior where everything is easy to clean and neat. Comfort is a comfortable boat for sail.

Pogo 12.50 spain
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