Remember take your passport with you, even if you are already in Spain. VELOX is a UK registered vessel and therefore you must carry your passport at all times. If you are European citizen and your cruising or racing experience will be held in European Waters, your ID should be valid.
Is at your responsibility have the valid Passport, ID, Visas, Vaccinations and any other documentation required by the country or countries where you will enjoy your Velox Sailing activity.
Sailing can be pretty challenge and participation is at your own discretion and risk. Despite we are prepared for make your Velox Sailing Experience a wonderful one, for your Private Cruising Experience or any other Velox Sailing activity, we strongly recommend that you have a Personal Travel Insurance which covers sailing activities, flight cancelations, delays, etc
For Racing Experiences, please see below PERSONAL RACING DOCUMENTATION


If want to enjoy racing, you must have a valid personal insurance or travel insurance which covers the sail  activity at the country, countries or sailing areas where the race will be held. Of course, a Sail Racing Licence issued by a Sailing National Authority, whose insurance covers the kind of race you will enjoy at the country or countries where the race is held, is also valid.

If you do not have the specific insurance, or sail racing licence, and wanting to enjoy races with Velox Sailing, we can assist you on that process, its simple and cheap. Do not hesitate to contact us.


Please ensure you advise of any medical condition that you are currently suffering from when completing the booking form. If you are in any doubt as to whether or not you should take part in a sailing experience, please, consult your Doctor prior to booking. Remember to bring any prescribed medication with you, as well as sea-sickness tablets if needed. Please ensure that you inform your skipper if you feel at all unwell at any time. If you are a UK citizen remember to bring your EHIC card.


When Food Starting Kit included, it means, we have always basic food and drink on board. That means you can have coffee or tea with some biscuits, water and soft drinks, some pasta, rice, salads, fruits, vegetables, sandwiches… That means Food Starting Kit. In general a basic provision of food and drink you can have while at sea when Training or Racing courtesy of Velox Sailing. 

When Racing or Training for several days at sea, and also on Private Cruising, the crew normally makes a common fund to buy the additional drinks and food, delicacies they would like to have while at sea.

While participating in Regattas, normally, as a part of social acts, the race organization or the race sponsors as courtesy, provides some breakfasts, lunches, dinners or aperitifs for competitors. Moreover, being ashore is a great opportunity to delight with the local cuisine, where at the places we sail or race, the offer is of very high quality at very reasonable prices. So normally, when ashore for spend night, we take advantage and go out to enjoy the lovely local gastronomy for dinner.


The Skipper is involved on Crew & Yacht Safe Manning, Navigation, and is the Yacht’s Authority, working for you to let you live Your Best Experience Velox Sailing.
Skipper services are included in the prices, with the exception of daily feeding which must be provided by crew.


You will be a crewmember on board the vessel and you will be under the supervision and instruction of the Skipper. Depending of your chosen Velox Sailing Experience, you will be expected to participate fully in the running of the vessel according with your skills. This could include being on watch at any time of the day or night, as instructed by the Skipper. This could include, according with your skills as wishes, other crew duties, as sail-handling, sail-trimming, helming and galley duty. Although the Company will undertake maintenance during periods between the arrival and departure of voyages, you will be required to take an active role in the good maintenance of the vessel during your voyage.


For the activities with duration of several days, you will have assigned a cabin berth on arrival. We provide base bed sheets, towels and pillows.

For any Velox Sailing Experience with individual places, our maximum number of crew is just 6+skipper. That’s to say you will feel absolutely comfortable aboard VELOX, with plenty of space and best dedicated personal attention to your necessities or learning during your experience days. For groups, or even, more numerous groups we recommend you ask for Whole Boat Option.


For Offshore or Ocean Racing is highly recommendable, have this basics: Water Proof Jacket & Trousers, and Waterproof boots or shoes. Boots or shoes should be especially for sailing. If you do not have this kind of Sailing Wet Weather Gear, we can rent it to you with the exception of boots or shoes.
For cruising or even inshore racing, despite the Mediterranean Lovely Weather, is recommendable bring some warmer clothes because nights at sea can be a bit chilly. Normally a light jacket or a sweater, and sometimes long trousers are enough. But in any case is very important do not forget your swimming gear, and in general, sportive and comfortable clothes as t-shirts and shorts are adequate.
Flip Flops are ok when at anchor or ashore, but during sailing is recommendable you use nautical shoes which protect your feet, specially your toes. Nautical shoes are made to sailing, that is to say, they are very comfortable and have a designed non slippery and non dirty soles which protects you and yacht’s deck. Fingerless gloves are very nice for hand protection when handling lines.
In the places we sail, Sun Protection is very important. Do not forget high factor sun cream, sunglasses and hat.
Regarding the Luggage, please, pack everything into a soft holdall rather than a hard sided suitcase for ease of stowage.


We offer the Velox Sailing Experiences at different locations in the Mediterranean, Atlantic Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea, participating in the Best Sailing Events & Regattas.

Velox Sailing, Spanish Base, is situated in the Marina Deportiva de Alicante, It is situated in the heart of the old town of Alicante, beside Volvo Ocean Race Museum & Headquarters.
From the Marina you have a perfect view of the historical 9th century Santa Barbara Castle and the Paseo de la Explanada. Perfectly located to enjoy the city and its lifestyle, Town Centre and Postiguet Beach are reached in a short walk of truly less than 10 minutes.

The Marina is 24 hours protected and provides excellent services

Getting here:

  • By Air: Alicante International Airport provides connections to all major European destinations and further via Madrid or Barcelona. It is situated 9km south-west of the city, about 15 minutes by taxi in normal traffic conditions. For further information about the airport visit
  • By taxi: A taxi to or from the airport will cost approximately €25. Taxis can be found outside the arrivals hall of the airport, he will drop you at the boat. On the return, the security guard will call a taxi for you.
  • By bus: Bus C6 runs to and from the airport and stops just outside the marina entrance. The bus stop at the airport is situated on the 3rdfloor departures level. The cost is 4€ and the bus runs half hourly taking about 30 minutes… Buses to other parts of Spain operate from the new Bus Station, which is a 15 minute walk (or 5 minutes by taxi) on the other side of the marina. For further information see
  • By train: The Central Train Station (RENFE) is a 10 minute taxi ride away, providing connections to Madrid, Barcelona and beyond. For further information see
  • By TRAM: Alicante has a comprehensive tram system connecting the town with Denia, Benidorm and all the coastal towns in between. For further information see
  • By Car: Alicante is served by the E15/A7 Autovia del Mediterraneo motorway. If you are planning to leave your car in Alicante for the duration of your course we may, by prior arrangement and receipt of your car registation number, be able to arrange a parking space within the marina at a cost of 10 euros per day. Please note, however, that unless we confirm such arrangement with you, the charge in the adjacent public car park is 25 euros per day.
Practical Information
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